Since the creation of markets, people were divided into two main groups. One group offered/sold goods and services. The other one was formed by the people paying for services and buying the goods. In theory, it actually sounds like a pretty simple idea. However, the steps involved in the process of selling goods can actually be very complex. One of the first steps of this process consists of extracting the raw elements, minerals and materials from the earth. This step obviously happens before the manufacturing of the goods being sold. In other words, every single thing and object that surrounds us comes in the form of a rock and/or mineral before it is converted into a useful/practical product. There is no doubt that our capitalist culture is in favor of every single step involved in this process. This is why government laws from the most powerful nations in the world support free market ideals. These laws make it ok for companies to manufacture and sell products at the expense of other people’s suffering. For instance, the people from the Congo have actually been brutally affected by these capitalistic free market ideals. While U.S. citizens live in a world filled with luxury and five-star services, Congolese villagers are being forced to extract minerals such as copper among others for American and European companies. These multibillion dollar companies give large sums of money to Congo’s corrupt government in exchange for these raw materials/minerals. As a result, the people from the Congo are being overworked in the most horrible conditions imaginable. Congo’s national army and guerrilla groups are the only ones getting money and benefits from their government. They’re in charge of making sure that the government’s orders are being followed by the villagers. This is the way Congo’s corrupt leaders can keep their population enslaved in a cycle of pure misery. Whoever thought slavery no longer existed is completely wrong. A call to action should definitely be put into motion so that these types of negative consequences can be eradicated once and for all. Needless to say, it is clearly atrocious that a free market culture would allow for such horrible events to take place in this modern world.

Having said that, it is extremely important for all of us living in the western civilization to realize how lucky and blessed we truly are.


Carlos Vera

Twitter: @charlescv999

Copyright © 2015-2017 Carlos Vera. All Rights Reserved.


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