We often talk about Wall Street and the marketplace as if they were these powerful, untouchable and unreachable entities. Our lack of understanding on the subject creates the illusion that everybody is at the mercy of these intangible forces that we might as well begin to call gods. We really need to come to terms that these intangible forces are clearly nothing more than operating machines and/or systems created by us humans. People like you and me set the whole thing up. It’s the collectively shared belief that our lives and destinies are completely controlled by the market which makes us surrender to it. The truth of it all is that the marketplace can be viewed as a simple computer game that was designed by someone with excellent math and computer program design skills. In other words, the marketplace is nothing more than an idea of a system established to help people understand and keep track of the interactions and dealings happening between businesses. Everything is created by man. Our own ideas are what make up all of what’s around us. Humans have the ability to create as well as destroy things through the birth of an idea. A single idea, when shared and believed collectively can influence our perspectives, behaviors and actions. The meaning we give to our world is purely based on ideals and beliefs that our minds have learned, come up with and grown accustomed to since the moment we were born. The bottom line here is that we all should have a moment of reflection. We need to realize that there must be a group of individuals out there controlling the entire economic system in which we live in. They purposely make all of us buy into whatever lies appear on the news regarding the marketplace. So it is safe to say that we are being manipulated by these unknown groups without us even knowing about it. In addition to this, it is important to acknowledge the fact that the instinct of survival and the need for power is part of our human nature. Therefore, we can’t really expect these secret societies and/or evil groups to step out of the shadows and give up their power. It’s obviously not in their best interest to take such a ridiculous action. However, if more and more citizens of the world began to become aware of this theory, then the chances for these groups to be discovered and identified would actually increase dramatically. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens with our societies and our entire human race in the next century.


Carlos Vera

Twitter: @charlescv999

Copyright © 2015-2018 Carlos Vera. All Rights Reserved.


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